Feeling misunderstood, disapproved ?

Being at peace with disapproval and misunderstanding, opposition and contradiction, is to be able to honour a different and perhaps starkly opposed perspective as perfectly natural, equally valid and meant to come in that person for nature’s perfect cause. Giving our understanding to those who misunderstand us is a learning that is precious. The moment we say, oh he/she misunderstood me but  see that misunderstanding as beauty in the other person,that moment we have released and let the natural flow of this universe dance in its full glory.

Letting go of the aversion to the person who misunderstood us, to feel total acceptance and understanding for the other person’s perspective is an art and a learning that will hold us in good stead in terms of our own peace quotient.  To allow, to be present to  and to receive that moment of feeling misunderstood in full presence and trust is to allow the vibration of love within our being to reverberate around for higher purposes. It is to bring balance and a calm centeredness that comes with deep acceptance of other’s being and by that very act, we will see the response to us changing.

Often, our own acceptance rather than our resistance to their misunderstanding  have more chances of triggering the other person’s acceptance.  Understanding their misunderstanding might well trigger the other person’s willingness to see our perspective too. This is the law of resonance. Understanding within us resonates with and evokes understanding in others, resistance in us to the other person’s opposition resonates and evokes/strengthens their  misunderstanding , acceptance resonates acceptance, love resonates love in the other person.

Being at peace with others, is to be at peace with the understanding that each person is exactly where he/she is supposed to be. Once that place in other people is seen as not perfect, or requiring improvement or change, or being lowly or high, at that instant, we create a wave of unnatural resistance in us, to what we perceive in  others. We see un-peace not just in ourselves, but those waves of unacceptance and resistance within us, seeps into the universe to reach places and people that we cant imagine, to create disturbance in the beauty of the natural flow around. Its what the nature has wanted them to be at this moment of time and it is perfect.

Everything at this moment is perfect, not requiring change from others or ourselves, only changing naturally without interference. Everybody and everything is changing every moment constantly and naturally. All constrictions of energy within and outside is caused by blocking the natural flow of change.

The moment we get the urge to change people, that moment we resist something natural in them and by that resistance we tune to and even cause the resistance of the people we ‘want’ to change. The moment we accept and honour the naturalness and perfection of what others are at this moment, we have honoured their divinity in them. That moment is when we DONT want to change people from the depth of our hearts. That moment is when see deeply and feel deeply the divinity of the other person and honour it.

The most effective change proponents or leaders as they seem to be called, are people  who seem like urging others to change and ‘transform’ but in actuality they are not urging everybody to change or are they finding something wrong with the way things are.The most effective proponents of such change or transformation workshops are those who are ‘being the change’ and just want to communicate their own changing to others who are naturally ready to change the same way. Its the law of resonance, where a certain change in frequency of our beings, is attracting those who are vibrating at the same frequency or are ready for that.

Those who dont agree with these change leaders, are neither low or high, dark or bad, better or worse. They are also transforming in their own natural way at their own natural frequency perfect for them at this moment. And because there is opposition or disapproval, it does not mean either the change leader or the opposers are ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. Nature flows and dances in different ways and it is perfect for those change leaders, perfect for those who dont approve of them. Transformation is constant, whether we are aware of it or not. Peace!

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