Sand Castles and Sand Dunes

A rush of waves come over the sand. Children clap their hands with glee and run with playful mirth allowing the waves to chase them. Waves gushes in into the pure warmth of these children’s love, even destroying their lovely imaginations and creations with unabashed joy. And then the little ones run behind the waves, as though they chase them away. And some stand right in the midst of it, feeling the thrill of the ground beneath, being swept away from under their feet. And the waves join in their laughter, loves them , gushes over them in free abandon, and leaves the shore in its natural grace of movement.  And when it moves, it leaves behind fascinating patterns of sand dunes, which keeps changing with every gush of a new wave.

Creations of man , whether that is technological innovations, or they are great novelties of social service and science, or inspirational art…oh just about any myriad forms: all these are nothing but these sand castles. Just with the same glee that these manifold sand castles are created, they inevitably get destroyed by yet another new upcoming wave of change…

Technology ebbs and wanes, when it rises, it rises from a source of pure love and joy, mingles with the consciousness of playing men on the shores, and it can disappear just as these sand castles…and so does science, social constructs, societies, systems, art and just about anything that is created by man.

Tomorrow, maybe there is no technology, there is no police, there is no judicial system, maybe there is no houses even..who knows? Or maybe there is more sophisticated technology, sophisticated sciences or maybe there is sophistication of the mind which can start to create things just as it thinks about it.  It simply doesn’t matter what is the new wave of change that is going to sweep mankind into its next phase of upward or downward movement.

But one thing is for sure, there is no end to love and joy, there is no end to creativity. Creativity is infinite just as life and the world is infinite.

As these creations emerging from the ever vibrant imagination of man arise and flow, it leaves behind its sand dunes when the waves pass off.

In this play of nature, we experience all the waves with marvel, wonder and awe. When the waves come and dash down our sand castles, some of us cry with grief, some of us clap with glee.  Some of us cry when the  waves move off, some of us play with it. Some of us just stand back and watch everything with awe and wonder, some of us get numbed with fear and depression.   But nobody can stop another new gigantic wave from gushing into the shore.

This is life. When we know the nature of our creations, its inevitable transiency and as we get to accept this with grace, then there is more  joy and love, calm and serenity that it evokes.  Even in our personal lives, even in our collective global events, this is all that happens…. sand castles, waves and sand dunes in unstoppable cycles.

If we forget this picture, then we tend to think that every sand castle we create is stable and claim its ownership like fools. And we resist every new wave of change instead of expecting it. If we forget this picture, seeing the sand dunes we fall in despair, not remembering that another new wave of change is going to usher in, whether we like it or not. Ignorance and forgetfulness of this basic nature of change, makes us tend to frantically resist the waves, to ignorantly build stability and inflexibility in our sand castles,and it makes us cry with despair, instead of playing with it and allow it to come and pass.

Life is as awesome and as marvellous and as deep as the ocean and the inevitable waves…..of change. Flow with it. Its a deep marvel to be a part of this flow…each one of us here, without exception!

– Enjoy

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