A mind full of feelings vs mind-full-ness of feelings

Being a Mind Full of Feelings vs Being Mindful of Feelings.

We always think feelings happen in us because of the situation or people around us. But just wondered, could the situation be happening because there are feelings in us which are not treated well and is asking to be treated in the ‘right’ way?

Test it for yourself. If something makes you angry, instead of focussing on that something, focus on the anger, give attention to it and let it go and do you see pain hidden somewhere below it, do you see fear, do you see rejection , do you see unlove and abandonment below the layer of anger, give it attention , feel it fully without resisting or denying it…

Test it… Situations happen because of feelings and it is not that feelings happen because of situations. Situations will change as you heal your feelings. Thoughts will change as you change the way you treat and heal your feelings. Try this at least a few times before you go about habitually changing your situation or the person, just to change your feelings.

Our thoughts happen because of the feelings most of the time. But it can happen otherwise too, when the feelings are all let gone, a calm-centeredness emerges, out of which it becomes easier for us to think for your greatest benefit and the greatest benefit of others, for the least harm to yourself and others. Its in that center that decisions, actions needs to be taken. But many times, decisions , actions and our thoughts emerge out of feelings that we want to push or pull.

‘Healing’ is simply about embracing the feeling by feeling it fully in your mind and body sensations and letting it go. Some feelings, we push it, some we choke it because it so dear to us that we dont want to let it go. Don’t push it, don’t pull it, don’t choke it…feel it fully and let it be fully  and let be gone fully….that’s healing and that’s true mind-full-ness of feelings.

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