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Vipassana and Serenity

I just finished a 10 day Vipassana meditation retreat in Bodhgaya, the land of enlightenment of the Buddha. It was a very wonderful experience and there were many learnings. As such I have done several such retreats till now, but … Continue reading

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Art of ‘Playing’ Life

How to live in present, while still visualizing a grander future for yourself? How to create a future that you love, without worrying about it? How to do our work like we play as a child? For that we need … Continue reading

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Negatives of Positive Thinking

In an interesting discussion yesterday with a friend of mine where we discussed the ‘negatives’ of positive thinking. Yes, sounds paradoxical. But it turned out that its quite right that there is indeed a little ‘negative’ to positive thinking. I … Continue reading

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