Unique Coaching Services

  • One Free Sample Session ( 1 to 1.5 hrs ) for you to find out if coaching will work for you.
  • ‘Pay What You Want’ Service Scheme Options:

Pay to Explore, Experience and Extract the best value of coaching.

    • Option 1:  Focussed Telephonic/Skype Session every week + Unlimited email support + Brief telephonic/chat contacts as needed. Minimum 2 months to be signed.

Sliding Scale : Rs 300 to Rs3000/ per week.

      • Option 2: Pure Email Support – Upto 4 email exchanges per week +  brief chat sessions as needed. Minimum two months to be signed.

Sliding Scale : Rs 250 to Rs 500 per week.

( What is Sliding Scale?: You can start anything in the range mentioned, that makes you feel comfortable to get a feel of the coaching service in terms of time, efforts and value and we can discuss and agree to slide the scale higher to a more ‘normal’ coaching fee. The normal sliding scale starts Rs1000 onwards for full service and Rs500 onwards for email-only based service.  )

A Note:

This is a promotional offer valid only for a limited time. If you are new to coaching, here’s a rare offer meant just for people like you, for you to give it a leap of faith and not loose out on this experience and explore what this means for your commitment to your best of life.

I view payment as not only a means to give back on the value you see, for my efforts and time but also to bring some commitment into the sessions so that the full value of the sessions is given and extracted.



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