My Role as a Coach

What do I do in the role of your privileged personal coach/change facilitator?

Here is a  cute picture video to give you some idea of my role in how I will support you.

Life coaches  are generally not Gurus but who have just chosen to be of service to people’s personal growth and success. As such my expertise comes from my love of supporting people to lead their best lives and have chosen that as my humble life calling, otherwise I am just like you.

In my role, as you want it, I might push you, pat you, challenge you, support you, inspire and motivate you if needed .  I will ask you a lot of trained questions to reflect which can aid you in clarifying many things to yourself and dip into your innermost resources and wisdom. I will support you to achieve the best state of mind to get to your goal. I will be your sounding board and hold you space to vent your feelings, but well not for long.

I might participate in brainstorming options and we might discuss different perspectives and insights.  I will give you perspectives , frameworks and assessment tools to help you to your goal. And you will be able to ensure that you don’t ride along or get swept away by the heat of the moment, instead make a conscious, fully considered and empowered action/decision. Because now you have another person solely to serve you for your personal success.  My sole service is for your victories and your learnings.

A little about the Life Coaching Profession

Life Coaching Service is a fresh and exciting new profession founded on the concept of human sharing, love, support, co-bearing of suffering, acceptance of being very human in wounds and habits at the same time tenaciously co-creating success, positivity, empowerment, personal growth and shared wisdom. This profession can be one of those which can bring a welcome change to these challenging times of  individuality and isolation tearing at the heart of the human soul.

Make use of this service and just by that extend your support  to this profession which aims to enrich human endeavors and uphold values of community support, nurture and interdependency, along with a deeper understanding of the inner psyche. If you feel for it strongly and you think you have that aptitude..rather the attitude, go one step further and become a life coach. ‘Be the Change’ – Gandhi.


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