“Change is inevitable but Growth is intentional.” — Glenda Cloud

Fast paced lives of today, are proving more and more to us, that not only  ‘change is constant’ in life but also that ‘change is frequent’ both in our professional as well as our personal life. Given this how do we best prepare, accept and even look forward to change? Change might have a tendency to pull us into fear, instability, uncertainty and insecurity. It might pull us into disturbing and negative thought cycles, clouding our minds and spoiling its space and clarity. But seen positively and handled with knowledge and care, it can turn out that change is an opportunity for growth. Is that a bit too much to say change is beautiful? What if that is true?

You might be experiencing a personal life change or transition that is sweeping your personal life, challenging your stability, threatening to drown you in fear and leaving you with a need for better clarity, a need for a better hold, a need for a better sense of direction and a need to get past this with a sense of victory instead of defeat. A Diamond is just a piece of Charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well.  Would you like to turn out a diamond through your current life change event?

Art and Skill of Personal Change Management

Why the privilege of a  Personal Coach/ Change Facilitator for You?

What do I do in the role of your privileged personal coach/Change facilitator?

Unique Payment Offer to Suit your Need

<a Deliver Me! A beautiful video from humanhealing.org, Enjoyable and Inspiring!


6 Responses to Home1

  1. venkat says:

    I recommend this blog……

  2. Anonymous says:

    my experiences with shaliniji as a life coach have been life transforming to say the least…all it calls for is a willingness to open your mind and heart to miraculous possibilities…i dare say every successful individual owes it unto ones self to experiment and explore this exciting journey..recommended to all those who want to make a difference…

    • shalini says:

      thank you anonymous- ji…:-). you are having a great and beautiful life and wish you all the very best for more great things ahead. Thanks for what you brought into the coaching sessions. Bows

  3. Thejaswini BV says:

    Shalini has been my life coach for more than 3 months, the insight and new outlook I got from the course is remarkable. The very idea of the course that every individual within himself/herself have answers for all the questions he/she has, and every individual have the potential to complete his/her set goals by overcoming the obstacles in his/her unique way is real and beautiful. Must say that the way Shalini implements her thoughts to get us know our own potential is also beautiful.

    • shalini says:

      hey thanks thejaswini for your kind comments. The coaching experience is beautiful to me too just as it is to you.

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