Art and Skill

Art and Skill of Personal Change Management

It could be that there is a sudden threat to your job or it could be that you have just returned to a full-time job after a personal break and feeling lost, it could be that you feel you have outlived your dull and uninteresting current job and feel like embarking on a new path or it could be that you are forced into a challenging and unstable situation that requires you to take stock of things in a new perspective to keep with the pace of life.

On a personal front, it could be that you are planning a daring new personal change: breaking a old habit or a new lifestyle or a transfer or experiencing a breakup in a relationship or a loss or a new endeavour whatsoever.

Most life changes have something common in its nature when we start to see it with closer attention at what it does to our human mind and spirit, and investigate what it can do to us positively and negatively. If you can explore the depth of its unique meaning for you, you can take it forward in a way that is unique to your life path. Whether life-changes eventually turns out to be a thing of beauty or ugliness is left solely on how we choose to perceive it and our capacity to draw out beautiful gifts from it for our life path instead of bitter remnants of an ugly experience for us.

Structure in Chaos – Adapted from Hopson

Often times, life change events tend to overwhelm us in negative thought cycles and we just go auto-pilot facing it and simply bounce back instead of adapting and growing through the change. It might not occur to us that most changes tend to bring forth many of our strengths as well as our subconscious blockages and tendencies. They stretch and challenge our personal growth while  pointing us towards a fresh new direction in our life.

Even when we realize all that, we might be at a loss to know or find that message for us, because we are obviously riding along in the heat of the moment and we might not stop to look and reflect.  If we are able to stretch our boundaries of growth and uncover and learn the message meant for us, then we manage to embark more successfully and positively on a path that we can consciously choose and enjoy despite the change event.

And this can be said equally for changes which are forced upon us seemingly negatively giving us an experience of fear, instability, insecurity and uncertainty or for changes that you bring upon yourself with a positive intentional purpose like a job change or self-employment, which you embark upon with hope, inspiration and energy. For the latter, even though it starts with good amount of reflection and intention, after the first wave of its momentum, we might tend to fall back and ride on the same feelings of fear, instability, insecurity and uncertainty that normally we think only imposed changes can inflict upon us.

Check these two  graphs depicting a repeatedly successful and repeatedly ‘unsuccessful or scarred’ life transitions

Smooth Life Transitions

Scarred Transitions

A diamond is just a piece of charcoal that has handled stress exceptionally well.  Sweeping Changes are meant to  sweep clear your spirit, mirror your strengths and your internal blocks,  maybe your deeper life purpose, sculpt your persona and launch you into a more empowered journey of a meaningful and vibrant life for you.

Taking this opportunity to check and develop your emotional competencies and increase your emotional intelligence, in particular resilience is wiser. It is found that the most needed competencies to improve your resilience, are self-awareness, self-regulation, art of letting go, active visioning, art of creating positive shifts in thinking and the art of identifying and changing blocking beliefs in your subconscious.

Check this real change story to see how one person drew forth her unique message from a drastic change event in her life. She made change ‘happenning’. Its an inspiring story indeed.

5 Steps to Accepting the Beauty of Change

Coaching Tip: Today start by asking yourself, ‘How may I open myself to the possibility of this change to empower me and my life powerfully? What does this change tell me on a deeper level? ‘ and wait for the answers to emerge for you.

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