About Me

Shalini Sundaramurthy

About My Work:

I am an Internationally Certified, CCA ( Certified Coaches Alliance ) Affiliated Life Change Coach graduated from Symbiosis International Institute and an AIOBP ( American Institute of Business Psychology) certified DC ( Directive Communication) Psychology Practitioner. I am also studying for a Diploma in Psychological Counselling.   When I am not occupied with life coaching work, I also take on a parallel avatar as a technical trainer and I look forward to phase out of that good work for the reason that I want to be of service to more and more people in their personal self-development.

About my Life Calling:

I would love to make my living through my passionate intention to be of service by  giving love, care, support and nourishment to others on their own unique journey. I found this wonderful profession called ‘Life Coaching‘ interesting, although I really do not feel comfortable calling myself a coach. I would rather like to call myself a Life Facilitator or a Wayfarer.

I am passionate about bringing Emotional Intelligence to Life Change management, the Art of Letting Go, Learning to move from a Victim/Blame/Martyr attitude to that of a Victor in Life, about some of the interesting findings of current psychological science that can help us through our life issues and goals and of course about spiritual ‘science’, especially Buddhism and Vipassana.  I also absorb what benefits me from Hindu( the religion I was born into ), Muslim, Christian and the New Age wisdom. Having gone through a lot of life changes in my 40 year tenure, some of them scarred and some smooth, I have accumulated some personal wisdom too, to my credit.

My Top 5 Core Values:

Wonder, Curiosity, Passion, Service and Self-Evolution are my top core values with which I endeavour to work with.

More on my Background:

Worked in the software industry for more than 10 years and today I now and then take some technical trainings. I am a B.E Graduate in Electronics and Communication. I have worked as a software engineer, a project lead, a trainer, a training manager and also an integration manager.  These are all the ‘titles’ that I lived in and worked as per the role.  But all the while I worked there, there seemed to be something pulling deep within my heart and I went seeking for what that pull is. I realised that it’s a deep interest in finding what makes the inner life tick, for me and for anybody else if at all there are common universal laws.

After 5 years or so, I took a 4 year break from my full-time job exploring and practising spirituality. Came back to my job again for another 3 years with a new curiosity of wanting to integrate the deep spiritual practise that I went through into my ‘ordinary’ mainstream life. Now I am embarking on this newer journey which I feel more aligns my work to my true passion, while I am able to serve and make a living out of it.

Just like you, I have my strengths and weaknesses, my dark and light parts of my spirit and I bend and laugh through it and love to keep constantly learning from it.  I have my fun times and low times.  My aim is to keep moving more to a place of joy, acceptance and surrender in life.

I have never stopped getting fascinated by life, even though it has not quite been as easy as I might have wished. I am also fascinated with wondering about how well spirituality and materialism integrate.

I align with the wisdom which says everybody has a unique journey, whether that be that of a simple housewife, or that of a techie or that of a sportsman or that of a Prime minister or the list is endless.  And that success is what we uniquely define it to be from the depth of our spirit, and not what anybody else would like to define that for us.  Each gets a gift  through their unique journeys. It will be truly beautiful for me to see and respect that fully in the people I serve. If allowed it will be my greatest honor to accompany you on a small part of that journey, thereby enriching my own life with ever better meaning and love. Truly life can be excellent!

– your Life Change Facilitator,

Shalini Sundaramurthy

In Service to your Best Quality of Life


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