I Choose to Believe

Notice your self-talk when you are emotionally ‘down’. When we are emotionally down or negative, our world appears uncontrollably negative: untrustworthy or cruel or disheartening or hateful. It turns out that generally our perceived realities especially when we are in a negative state of mind, is far from actuality.

Many a time, we assume things and believe it to be an authoritative truth. Many a time we also work from beliefs that were drilled into us through our childhood experiences. Based on how we reacted to things as a child, we form beliefs that appear to be unalterable truths for us. Many of our negative thoughts emerge from such beliefs. And these ‘truths’ which we believe on its face, takes us down the path of demonic negativity that can sabotage our emotional well-being. We become slaves of a false reality and allow it to damage our emotional health and also sabotage our true possibilities of success in our external world.

For eg, consider these self-talk statements:
Nobody cares for me.
He is trying to avoid me.
She is trying to humiliate me

If you attack the above statements, it might reveal that actually there is definitely a possibility and even a reasonably high probability that actually ‘there are people who care for me’, that ‘he is not trying to avoid me, but simply its his nature to be more quieter’, and that ‘she never meant to humiliate me, but was asking questions for her own information’.

Whenever you are in a negative state, here are some steps to bust that state:

1. First always be aware that the world will appear far more negative than in reality.
2. Second, whatever sentences run in your mind, Prefix it with ‘I choose to believe that’.
For eg: instead of saying ‘Nobody cares for me’… use ‘I choose to believe that nobody cares for me’. This reminds you that you are making a CHOICE every moment actually to sabotage yourself. Just making that statement brings your subconscious mind a responsibility and a push to make a better choice.
3. Third, counter the negative sentences. Even though our minds in a negative state LOVES to( yes believe me )…it LOVES to think and believe all the negative self-talk, you should make an upstream effort, if you are serious about coming out of negativity. And one simple way is to repeat an opposite of a negative statement EVEN IF it might sound unreal to you in that state of mind.

For eg: ‘I choose to believe that nobody cares for me’ go further….. ‘I choose to believe there are people who care for me’…go further ‘this person has actually cared for me in the past and maybe today he/she is in a rough phase coping with his/her own nature’….go further ‘I choose to emanate vibrations of loving kindness to this person’…..go further….’I choose to believe that I take highest care of myself, come what may’….go further….’I choose to believe that a higher force always cares for me’… now you are ready to go really further and affirm …’I live in a world that truly cares for me and loves me’.

Whenever we use ‘I choose to believe….’ it gives enormous power to our subconscious to choose a better positive belief that raises our vibrations. Remember positive vibrations attract positive events, negative vibrations attract negative events in your life.

While it might not be possible to change overnight, we need to persistently keep trying to raise our vibrations in a negative state of mind. When we say ‘I choose to believe…’ with feeling and emotion of those words, our subconscious will take a message of responsibility and ownership of the situation, deeply into our mind. Psychology has it that language and usage of words is the most simplest, yet a very powerful mechanism of changing deep rooted habits and beliefs that tend to sabotage us.

When positive vibrations occur, it attracts positive events and intensifies our positive vibrations, which in turn attract more positive events. Thus a mutually feeding cycle is put into motion and positivity will rush into your life :-). Unfortunately the same happens with negativity…negative thoughts leads to negative vibrations…that leads to negative events in life…this leads to intensifying negative vibrations… attracts more negative events…… :-(.

Generally, we all have a mix of positive and negative thoughts and vibrations. We need to intelligently manage them, by using simple tricks and techniques that ‘program’ our subconscious minds.

We need to attack our beliefs more strongly sometimes if we see that they are repetitively causing us to perceive the world in a negative way. Check out this worksheet and use it to bust deep rooted beliefs.

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