Part 1: Understanding emotional framework of self and others

Psychology has found that humans act and decide, essentially due to what drives them deep down in the emotional realm.  No matter how much we reason objectively, how we take stock of things using skills and aptitudes, psychology has discovered that its finally our EMOTIONS which drive our major decisions, actions, reactions and behavior and to some extent even our logical perceptions of the world.

Often our emotional realm tends to get ignored or tends to get managed ad-hoc or ‘intuitively’ or worse ‘chaotically’.  When we know that this plays a very critical role in determining what you experience in your life, your attitude, your actions and decisions, there is a strong reason for us to find structure in the complexity and chaos.

Psychological science today, has taken another step forward in understanding and developing emotional intelligence by providing a simplified framework.  Research has identified the following 8 Basic Emotional Needs/Drives , which help us to take stock of our deep needs and attain clarity in our decisions and communication:

1. Significance/Importance
2. Security and Control
3. Diversity and Change
4. Love and Belonging
5. Personal Growth and Evolution
6. Achievement and Challenge
7. Excellence and Quality
8. Contribution and Service

It has been strongly recommended by one of the Top 10 International Leadership Guru , Arthur Carmazzi, to pay extra attention to these drives, when you make a decision, when you face a problem , when you communicate, when you want to take stock of your behaviors and just about any crucial aspect of your life and actions.  In organizations, it can help  increase productivity and buy-in of changes and crucial decisions by addressing employee motivation in terms of these drives/needs.

Take a free assessment to evaluate your need for significance/importance ( Click on the link, and again click on the link on the page that opens up, to download the assessment. You need to have Microsoft Office installed on your computer to take this assessment )

Part 2
Part 3

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