I don’t know vs I know

When I say ‘I don’t know’…. there is two ways of telling that. One is with a background mindset of ‘no hope’ or ‘i cant’ or some fear or insecurity which generally has the effect of closing the mind for possibility of finding a solution.

However, have you noticed yourself saying ‘I don’t know’…with a different mindset?  The mindset of being open to seeing possibilities….. Somebody asks you a direction, you instinctively say ‘hold on I dont know…I think there might be another way to reach there’… just notice the paradoxical structure of the above sentence. Or you simply say ‘I dont know’ because you want to go no further.

Now, when you say ‘I know’…notice what it does to your mindset.  Generally, we imagine these two words are recommended highly in those ‘Positive thinking handbooks’. But shift your thinking a little bit….As you shift and now stand and see it in a different angle, you can easily see that ‘I know’ generally CLOSES your mind…it doesnt open it up. The mind in that case moves backwards on past knowledge and experience, rather than looking forward and see further for more.

Well, its not for nothing that the two words ‘I know’ …finds it’s way into the positivity handbook, dont forget that. When you say ‘I know’… its acknowledging an amount of confidence and clarity in you. Confidence and Clarity are productive qualities.

But the paradigm there, while you continue to acknowledge clarity and confidence, do not forget the dangerously hidden catch in the phrase…. which is an unconsciously made generalization by almost all normal humans… When you say ‘I know’…your unconscious reads it….’I dont need to know any more on this’.  It requires conscious effort and habit to overcome that natural instinct.  Saying ‘I know’ is many times triggered by an instinct to protect a natural discomfort and vulnerability occurring from an instinctive fear of the unknown…hence the unconscious hastens up to convert every ‘I know’ to ‘I know all about it’…. you may or may not be aware of that tendency… I am not speaking of a general ‘I know it all’ mindset…but a hidden tendency that works even in the most trivial ‘I know’ s that come about in our mouths in our daily life.

Does it mean, I should say ‘I dont know’ more often than ‘I know’?  It’s just better to be wiser and keep your guard to notice not only when you say ‘I dont know’…but also when you say ‘I know’… so as to make sure that always the mind is OPEN to an expanded state of possibilities….whatever the dire or difficult situation or state that you might be. When the mind thinks of possibilities…then there’s nothing that can stop it.

‘I know it to this or that extent’, ‘I can know more’…are possible alternate words to just saying or thinking ‘I know it’. There is a general unconscious tendency to generally prefer a more closed realm…to protect its fear of the unknown…rather than a more open, expansive realm… it might prove to be useful to catch that in ourselves.



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