The Color Brain Theory – Seeing the world through Colored Glasses

Young girls tend to look at the world through rose colored glasses goes the popular adage. But how about I say that you were born with a brain which genetically wears colored glasses everyday while it perceives the world and takes action on it? Research indicates that different people are born with different brain traits, which would make one process the world in a sequential, structured and systematic manner, while the other processes the world in an information based, detailed operational manner relating different pieces of data.  Yet another understands the world by making connections to all associated concepts present in the brain and another processes the world in random chunks without making any prior connections, but relating and connecting it later.

The brain is genetically seeing through red, purple, blue and green glasses respectively. A boss today who is red brained and processing the world in a structured manner, will know why he  needs to allow a green brained reportee to just give him a big picture objective and allow him to try around things and get some results and then come up with a structure, rather than waiting for him to come up with a solid detailed plan before a project can begin. Similarly a blue brained wife might be able to understand her red brained husband well, if he only seems not to express his feelings to her and only does things to show he loves her.

The Circle of Tolerance widens by understanding the color through which one operates and also the way others operate and makes the world a much more easier place to navigate through. It might give you insights at why one of your reportee comes alive and works with vigor in one situation but seems to be quite dumb in another. You might find the key to unlock the best potential in each of your team members and reportees. You might no longer feel irked or puzzled at why some just dont ‘get it’ and instead just know how to ‘get them at it’.

What is your Color brain and how could you use the understanding of color of other people’s brains that you interact with? How could that help you in bringing about better team effectiveness and team selection for the best outcome for your new project? Check out the following links:

Colored Brain Assessment  

Directive Communication Psychology by Arthur Carmazzi

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